The inspiration behind the design of our new Seaside Collection

The inspiration behind the design of our new Seaside Collection

Introducing our newest collection: The Seaside Collection. A captivating selection of bikinis and swim trunks that transports you to the enchanting coasts of Europe. This collection features timeless colors and elegant European patterns, inspired by the iconic seaside towns and vibrant cultures of the Mediterranean and beyond. 

We interviewed IVY's founder: Linda Chiou, to learn the inspiration and process behind this new collection. 


Why did you choose to showcase the Seaside Collection at Miami Swim Week?

Miami Swim Week is one of the most prestigious swimwear events in the world, offering a vibrant platform that attracts global attention. Showcasing the Seaside Collection here allowed us to reach a diverse and fashion-forward audience. The lively, beach-centric atmosphere of Miami perfectly complements our collection's inspiration drawn from the Italian coast, enhancing the overall aesthetic and reception of our designs. We were able to showcase our collection at a very bohemian venue which featured beautiful woven basket chandeliers above the runway. This was such a unique runway installed over the sand which truly was a perfect fit for this collection.

Were there any specific locations or experiences that influenced the designs?

Yes, our designs were deeply influenced by the enchanting Italian coast, particularly areas like the Amalfi Coast and the picturesque towns of Cinque Terre. The beautiful porcelain patterns found in local ceramics, the serene sea waves, and the overall romantic ambiance of these regions were pivotal in shaping our collection. The rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes provided a treasure trove of inspiration for our prints, colors, and overall design philosophy.


Were there any particular trends you wanted to incorporate into this collection?

We aimed to blend timeless elegance with contemporary trends. Key trends we incorporated included mermaid vibe ruffle ties that mimic the natural flow of sea waves, gold hardware for a touch of luxury, feminine and romantic ruffle trims, and custom mosaic prints. Additionally, the couples matching swimwear taps into the growing trend of coordinated outfits, reflecting a sense of unity and romance perfect for European honeymoon vibes.

How did you select patterns and prints for this collection?

Our pattern selection process was deeply rooted in the cultural and natural elements of the Italian coast. We drew inspiration from traditional porcelain patterns and mosaics, reinterpreting them into custom prints that evoke the essence of Mediterranean artistry. Each print was carefully designed to complement the earthy tones and classic silhouettes, ensuring a cohesive and luxurious look throughout the collection.


How does the Seaside Collection differ from your previous collections?

The Seaside Collection marks a distinct departure from our previous collections. Traditionally, we've focused on lace and sultry designs, but with this collection, we embraced a more classic and sophisticated aesthetic. Additionally, the use of ruffle detailing, subtle lace trims and one pieces adds a touch of elegance, while the couples matching swimwear brings a romantic and cohesive element to the collection. This shift allows us to offer a timeless and refined look.

Can you walk us through your design process for this collection?

Our design process began with extensive research and mood boarding, drawing inspiration from the Italian coast's natural beauty and cultural artifacts. We then moved on to sketching initial designs, focusing on integrating elements like ruffle ties, gold hardware, and mosaic prints. Prototyping involved selecting high-quality fabrics and refining our designs to ensure they were both comfortable and luxurious. Throughout this process, we paid attention to every detail, from the custom charms, ruffle detailing to the final stitching, to create a cohesive and exquisite collection.


Which piece from the Seaside Collection is your personal favorite and why? 

My personal favorite pieces are the couples matching swimwear sets. It perfectly encapsulates the collection's theme of European romance and honeymoon aesthetics. The coordinated prints and colors symbolize unity and love. These sets are not only visually stunning but also carry a deeper emotional connection, making them standout pieces.


Can you give us any hints about your next collection or future projects?

Our next collection takes a different direction, focusing on versatile basics and preppy styles. Expect to see reversible pieces, color blocking, and stylish cover up skirts. We’re excited to offer a range that emphasizes functionality and timeless fashion, providing options that are both practical and fashionable. Stay tuned for more updates!

The Seaside Collection is available now, exclusive to IVY Swimwear. 

Designed by: Madeline Hoang

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