INTERVIEW: The Inspiration Behind the Sweet Orchard Collection 🍓🫐🍊

INTERVIEW: The Inspiration Behind the Sweet Orchard Collection 🍓🫐🍊

Introducing our newest collection: The Sweet Orchard Collection. A celebration of sun-soaked picnics and the joyous spirit of spring. Immerse yourself in the sweet essence of nature with our custom Ivy print fruit bikinis adorned with playful ruffles, charming bows, and delicate ties.  

We interviewed our team lead Designer Madeline Hoang to learn the inspiration and process behind this new collection. 

1. What was the inspiration behind creating the Sweet Orchard Collection prints for Ivy Swimwear?

I wanted to do something fun and fresh! Something to convey the feeling of having a picnic on the beach on a sunny day. With the rise in popularity of micro-aesthetics, many including fruit themed "girls", I liked the idea of having a fruit theme for each bikini! One for whatever mood you're in!  


2. Can you walk us through the design process behind the Sweet Orchard collection?

We start with creating Pinterest mood boards for each collection. From there I start designing the pieces with the team. We have multiple team meetings until we are happy with the final sketches. We then submit the designs to our manufacturers. We undergo multiple rounds of sample testing to guarantee the flawless execution of each piece. Once we are happy with the bikinis, skilled artisans then cut and hand-sew the bikinis. Lastly, we schedule our photoshoot and plan the launch.

3. What is your favorite bikini in the collection?

My favorite has to be the Blueberry Pie! I love the ruched look, cool-toned color scheme, and blueberries are one of my favorite fruits lately.

4. How did you choose the color palette and patterns for this collection? Where did you draw inspo from?

Pastels and saturated colors are two things I don't usually put together in the same moodboard, but once I tried it out, I really liked the extra pop the fruit prints gave to the pastel base.

5. What sets the Sweet Orchard collection apart from previous Ivy Swimwear collections?

The vibe of this collection is definitely more playful and girly rather than the usual lacey glam vibe of previous collections. We wanted to broaden our horizons in terms of silhouettes while still making the wearer feel comfortable and sexy!


6. Can you tell us about about the unique design elements incorporated into the Sweet Orchard swimsuits?

The custom prints are definitely a new addition to Ivy Swimwear. I designed each fruit print for a more unique hand-painted look. We want customers to know the bikinis are designed with a lot of thought and intention. Ruffle straps and a mini-scallop trim are a new addition as well.

7. How do you envision customers feeling when they wear pieces from the Sweet Orchard collection?

Although this collection is a unique transition into some of Ivy's new silhouettes, the idea is to make you feel sexy and confident whether you're wearing one Ivy design or another.


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Designed by: Madeline Hoang

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