Costumes with IVY

Costumes with IVY

With halloween right around the corner we curated the perfect lookbook to help you put together some last minute creative costume ideas using IVY Swimwear bikinis. 

Here are five super-stylish bikini-centric costumes, promising to turn heads on Halloween night. The best thing about wearing IVY for Halloween is that you can re-wear the bikini with you on your next vacation as well. These costumes are both trendy and unique, so decide carefully on what IVY bikini you are styling this Halloween to make it a year to remember! 

Shop Aurora in Champagne 

Shop Belle in Baby Blue

Shop Fairie in Midnight Black

Shop Chenille in Blush Pink

Shop Eden in Emerald Green 

Be sure to tag us on Instagram and TikTok  in your IVY costume and use the #IVYBABE to be featured on our page. 

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