MUST HAVE Spring Break Bikinis

MUST HAVE Spring Break Bikinis

Spring Break is coming up and we are super excited to provide our #IVYbabes with sexy Spring Break bikinis for all plans! We want you to stand out while feeling confident and comfortable. Whether you have planned a relaxing getaway, a baecation, or a wild trip with your girls, we understand the assignment and have your “MUST-HAVE” bikinis for your Spring Break Goals.


Brynn in Giraffe Print

This sexy bikini is simple yet so eye-catching! The Giraffe Print elevates the design and hints at your subtle but fun personality. If you’re the type of girl to want to show some skin, get a nice tan, or save it for a night- time party, the Brynn has you covered! You will without a doubt feel like the main character in this bikini.


Evie in Pearl 3 Piece Set

The Evie has you covered for both day and night activities. This bikini set is perfect for the day and if you don’t have time to head home and change, you can switch up the Evie for another look and add the skirt and some heels for a nighttime look. This bikini is great for packing as you get a 2 for 1 and saves space in your suitcase!  



Vera in Emerald Green 3 Piece Set

This bikini speaks for itself! This GORGEOUS emerald green is the IT colour and will turn heads wherever you go. This is another perfect three-piece, multiway bikini to have you covered for a day and night look. You will feel sexy and confident in this bikini. The double straps on the bottom and top will also provide you extra coverage.  

You’ll regret not bringing this one with you!


Roxie in Midnight Black

Every girl needs a little black bikini the same way they need a little black dress! When in doubt throw on your simple black bikini and style it with a linen shirt, jewelry, or a hat to elevate the look! The Roxie will have you looking cute yet sexy!


Thea in Teal

This set is yet another simple but attention-grabbing bikini. The thin strings allow the triangle top to pop out along with the striking colour. This is another bikini PERFECT for tanning or showing some extra skin and to accentuate your booty with a scrunch on the back. If your goal is to be a showstopper on Spring Break, add Thea in Teal to your bikini list.


Lena in Tie Dye

The tie die print along with the multiway strings gives you options for different ways to elevate the look for your preference! The O-ring and extra string around the torso give a taste of your type of style.The thick cut, high waist bottoms accentuates your curves and give you that hourglass figure! This is a great style when you want a step up from a monochromatic look! 


Mia in Blue Lace

Bring the Mia in Blue Lace along with you for a more elegant nighttime look. This flirty bikini can be worn on the beach, poolside, in the bedroom to WOW your partner on your baecation, or can be styled as a bralette underneath a blouse, a blazer, or loose button up. This is a Spring Break essential for when you want to feel your sexiest.


Brynlee in Chocolate Brown

If you plan to participate in any beach or pool activities, you better make sure to have the Brynlee set by your side! This sporty bikini top not only holds everything in place but also makes sure you look trendy and cute while in action. Elevate the look with the mini skirt to give it that extra girly vibe.


Emma in Army Green and Reggie in Jungle Print

If you are spending Spring Break with BAE, we have your couples look planned and ready for you. Let everyone know what’s yours when you both put on your matching swimwear! The tassles on the Emma in Army Green will give you a flirty look, your man won't be able to keep his hands off you. Have your man looking cute as ever when he stands by your side in the Jungle Print trunks!


Madeline in Creamy Tan

The Madeline is a comfortable, functional, tasteful bikini that displays your fashionable character. For those days that you want to take easy and relax or even go for happy hour with the girls and want to make sure everything's secured when you're dancing on the bar, the Madeline is the go-to!


Lana in Black and White Lace

Our little lacey Lana is one of our most popular sellers. Pack this bikini if you want everyone running up to you asking where you shop! The straps hug your body in the right places and the V cut in the bottoms highlights your core and booty! Flaunt your sexy body in the Lana on your Spring Break getaway!


Lucy in Black Lace

The Lucy is perfect for a variety of reasons. Perfect to flaunt in the bedroom, on the beach or wear as a night time shirt with a blazer, a sheer top, or open cut shirt. You will for sure feel elegant and classy when you slip on this set. If you like to pack light, then the versatility of this bikini is perfect for different looks during your Spring Break activities.


Cally in Black Polka Dot 

If you are a super girly girl, you will fall in love with Cally and she will have you feeling CUTE as ever! We understand that as a single gal on Spring Break you can't be tamed! If you plan to flirt like never before, there’s nothing better than pulling out the Cally in Polka Dot and batting your eyelids to talk to your dream partner or getting in that free drink! 


We want to make sure our #IVYbabes are prepared for any activity that's planned for Spring Break! We brought you sixteen options to make sure you have the best time while looking your sexiest and feeling your comfiest! 

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