#TBT: Behind The Scenes of Our Miami Swim Week Debut

#TBT: Behind The Scenes of Our Miami Swim Week Debut

The only thing hotter than Miami in July, is Miami Swim Week! When it comes to sizzling swimwear, Miami is truly the capital of the world. Each year, the hottest brands in the swimwear industry come to Miami to show off their latest collections.

If you love swimwear, Miami Swim Week is an absolute dream come true. It has everything from celebrity models, trendy swimwear, and unforgettable parties. There’s just something so captivating about the magic of Miami Swim Week!

So, what is Miami Swim Week? Back in the 80’s, it started as a group of events that coincided with Miami’s swimwear convention, Swim Show. Can you imagine the looks that must have been served up at swim week during the 80’s? No doubt the high waist lines and bright colors were to die for!

Today, Miami Swim Week is a week full of fun events like runway shows, trade shows, pop-up shops and more all dedicated to swimwear. Bloggers, swimwear lovers, and fashion buyers flock to view the up-and-coming trends in swimwear. It’s so exciting to see what will be trending on the beach during the next year. Will it be neutrals or pops of color? Simple looks or complex designs? Only the Miami Swim Week will tell!

And when is Miami Swim Week? It’s held during the hottest part of the year, of course! Each July, this Florida city gets just a little bit hotter when Miami Swim Week is in town.

This past summer, the IVY Swimwear team was excited and honored to take part in Miami Swim Week 2019 Powered by Art Hearts Fashion. If you haven’t heard of AHF, Art Hearts Fashion is the top platform for fashion designers to display their latest collections during a fashion week event. AHF was founded in 2011 and today is one of the biggest platforms in the fashion and art world. And not to mention, Art Hearts Fashion is the only platform at Miami Swim Week to be the exclusive partners of MiamiSwimWeek.net, Swimweek.net, and Fashion Week Online.

Naturally, we were beyond thrilled to be a part of such an important event in our industry and to show the world who we are. Since we launched IVY Swimwear, it has been so fun watching our brand grow and getting to work with the most incredible models and influencers. Being a part of the Miami Swim show was such a big moment for us!

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, we wanted to take you behind the scenes of our Miami Swim Week 2019 debut.

Shop the Cienna lace bikini here, Premium Paris/Thierry Brouard/Johnathan Sutton.  


The Dakota Off The Shoulder BikiniPremium Paris/Thierry Brouard/Johnathan Sutton. 


The Celeste Bikini, Behind the Scenes Photo Credit: Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion.

The Rose Bikini in ZebraPremium Paris/Thierry Brouard/Johnathan Sutton. 


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