IVY Swimwear featured in The Metropolitan Detroit, Hot Transitional Swimwear.

"Fresh off Miami Swimwear Week and Part of the IVY 2022 exclusive collection is the IVY Swimwear Jolie Coverup Dress, featuring sparkling gems and beaded white knit material. Jolie makes the perfect day-to-night look. Pair with your favorite bikini for a fruity cocktail (with an umbrella, of course) or wear over a nude slip dress, to give a touch of Art Deco inspired style for later in the evening.

Another hot coverup from IVY is the Calla Net Coverup Dress. Think 90’s Jean-Pail Gaultier and wear it like you mean it. For me, this item works best in Vegas, Miami, or somewhere late night in The Med. Just wear for a short while to avoid unusual tan lines. Reminds me of 90’s club fashion and let’s face it, that was pretty hot. Also use in the boudoir as a sexy piece of lingerie. Just don’t fall asleep with it on in the sun or you’ll procure some interesting tan lines."

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