Ways to Wear: Featuring The "Rose" Multi-way Bikini

Ways to Wear: Featuring The "Rose" Multi-way Bikini

Our Rose has been a bestseller for years and for a good reason- the versatility. The triangle top, long straps, and removable ring allows this top to be styled in so many different ways, it will feel like a whole new bikini every time you do. 

Here is ten different ways we have styled the Rose in Pastel Yellow

The Halter:

The halter style is the simple and classic way to wear the Rose. It may be basic, but simple and easy to do. Put the bikini on and tie the stings around the neck and back. 

The Upside Down Halter

The upside down halter style takes the classic look to the next level. You can achieve this style by flipping the top upside down. It is a little more revealing than the classic look but will show off your curves in the best way. 

The Scoop Neck Tie

The scoop neck tie style will turn heads. Start by flipping the top upside down and wrapping the ties around the top. Tie around the neck and on the back. 

The Front Cross Halter

The front cross halter adds a little spice to the classic halter look. Put the bikini on as usual and when tying the top strings just criss cross the front and tie around the neck. It offers more support than the classic halter style. 

The Strapless Style 

The strapless style allows you to add some fun to the top. Start by putting the bikini on upside down and tying the top. Take the bottom string and loop the ring through it and tie behind your back. 

The Halter Front Tie 

The halter front tie adds the cutest detail to the classic halter top look. Put the bikini on as you would a coat. With the untied front strings wrap them around you and tie on the front of your body. You can tie a knot as pictured or make a cute bow with the extra string. 

The Double Halter Cross Neck

The double halter cross neck adds the ultimate support while still being unique. Put the top on as you would for the front cross halter. Take the strings from the back and wrap through the other halter tie and tie on the back. 


The Halter Bottom Tie

The halter bottom tie utilizes all the longs straps to achieve this look. Put the top on as you would for the front cross halter top. With the back strings wrap a cross around the bottom and bring back around to tie in the back.

The Halter Bottom Cross 

Take the halter look up a notch, adding in the ring to the front and wrapping around the body. Put the bikini top on the classic way and tie around the neck. With the bottom ties take the ring and loop the strings through and tie around the back. 

The opportunities are endless with styling our Rose bikini and we want to see what you can come up with. Don't forget to tag us on your pictures on Instagram and use the #IVYBABE for a chance to be featured. 

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