Behind the Design: A Sweet Summer

Behind the Design: A Sweet Summer

Introducing our two newest bikinis: Aster in Berry Lace & Lani in Strawberry Lace. Dive into summer with a burst of freshness, color, and style. 

Nature has always been the inspiration for our styles, and these bikinis were inspired by the sweetest part of nature- fruit. We combined the delicate patterns of lace with juicy fruit to create the sweetest bikinis thats guaranteed to turn heads. 

Aster and Lani were carefully crafted from sketch to final product to make sure that everyone who puts on these bikinis radiates confidence. We started with selecting the unique lace fabrics and sketching our bikini designs based on the lace. We sourced the lace, sketched the design, and went through rounds of samples to make sure these pieces would be perfect. The lace is then cut and sewn, and lined with swim fabric for durability by skilled artisans to create the intricate designs. This method ensures that each bikini we create is exclusive to IVY. 

The Aster in Berry Lace bikini is a classic design with a modern twist. The delicate berry lace fabric is delicate and intricate. The top features a front tie, which offers a subtle push-up effect, depending how tightly these strings are tied, for women wishing to enhance their cleavage. The bottoms have a flattering scrunch butt cut - always a popular customer request!

With its adorable lace and flattering design, Lani in Strawberry Lace is the perfect choice for those who want to make a statement. Featuring a captivating strawberry and floral lace design, you wont find this bikini anywhere else. The front string tie and off-shoulder arm sleeves elevate the look, allowing you to showcase your unique style. Additionally, the sleeves are completely removable with a button, giving you the option for a strapless look. This bikini comes with adorable boho tassel ties on both the top and bottom. The bottoms have a V shape cut and a scrunch bottom stitching that is super flattering! 

We are so excited to add Aster and Lani to our summer '23 collection. These two pieces are perfect for any one who wants to show off their sweet side and stand out. 

Sketches by: Madeline Hoang

Written By: Alison Donovan

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