Staff Picks: Favorite Styles of the Season

Staff Picks: Favorite Styles of the Season

At IVY Swimwear, we believe that every body is a beach body, and our staff picks are proof of the diverse styles and preferences that make our swimwear so special. Whether you're looking for a classic bikini or something to make a statement, we've handpicked the perfect swimwear for you.

We asked our staff about their favorite bikinis this season, and here's what they chose:

Linda's "Pick": Lucy in White

"Hi, babes! I am the founder and President at IVY Swimwear. My week is spent running meetings, approving content with the staff, and conducting market research to ensure we are the best brand we can be.

This season, I'm in love with the style Lucy in White. I'm a lover of lace, and the mix of lace and mesh on this set is so unique. I love that the crisscross straps on the bottoms accentuate the waistline, and the front clip on the top provides a nice push-up. I can also wear this top as a bralette with my outfits. It's so chic!"

Alison's "Pick": Sirena in Scallop Lace

"Hi, I am Alison, and I am the Operations and Digital Marketing Manager at IVY Swimwear. My week is spent managing customer and influencer relations, creating organic content for all digital platforms, and developing and analyzing campaigns.

This season, my favorite bikini is the style Sirena in Scallop Lace. You are guaranteed to stand out in this bikini because it is so unique. The ruffles and lace are very much on trend right now. I feel super girly, feminine, and confident when I put on this bikini."


Maddie's "Pick": Rosella Black in Nude Mesh

"Hi! My name is Maddie, and I work in the PR and Marketing department at IVY. My week is spent designing and managing social media campaigns, creating paid content for all digital platforms, and shooting flat lay photography.

My favorite bikini is definitely the style Rosella Black in Nude Mesh because it is a timeless style that you'll love wearing on repeat without ever getting tired of it. This style is so comfortable and fits like a glove. Pair it with any of our many cover-ups to spice up the look. It's a must-have piece in your bikini collection!"

Ryan's "Pick": Iriso in Green Zebra Shorts

"Hi! My name is Ryan, and I am the Photographer for IVY. A typical week at IVY involves running photoshoots, editing photos and videos, and researching new ways to make our photoshoots stand out.

Well, just for fun, I think my favorite IVY style of all time is the Azalea in Lemon. The print and color are divine - it's playful, feminine, and looks great on camera. My favorite piece to wear from IVY is the style Iriso in Green Zebra Shorts. While my favorite color is black, the green zebra stripes add a wild side to it."

Madeline's "Pick": Azalea in Lemon

"Hi! It's Madeline H :) I'm an Assistant Designer and Illustrator for IVY. During my week at IVY, I research trends and gather inspiration for upcoming collections, create concept boards, and illustrate bikini designs to bring them to life.

My favorite bikini is the style Azalea in Lemon! I love it because the floral lace and yellow straps complement each other so well, giving it a lingerie-inspired look."

Isabella's "Pick": Nola Black in Nude Mesh 

"Hi, it's Isabella! I am the head of Wholesale Partnerships at IVY Swimwear. A typical week at IVY involves driving brand growth through the identification, negotiation, and management of wholesale partnerships with retailers and distributors.

Sahara is my favorite collection, and the style Nola Black in Nude Mesh is my favorite bikini. I love the Nola design because it's simple yet elegant and works really well as a top over a long skirt."

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Written by: Alison Donovan

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